Fleet Programs

Fallon Ford-Toyota offers quality Fleet programs to keep your business moving. 

Fallon Ford-Toyota Fleet teams fleet-specific vehicles, offers and programs, along with a team of experts, so you know your business will keep moving steady and growing as fast as your customers' and drivers' needs. 


Commercial Fleet Vehicles

Fallon Ford-Toyota offers a broad line-up of commercial fleet vehicles to take care of business. We'll work with you to help keep your budget in order, show you the best offers and incentives available to you, and more.

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Rental Fleet Vehicles

Fallon Ford-Toyota offers fleets specifically for rental car companies or private companies with rental car fleet needs. We can provide Fords and Toyotas, as well as many other brands and types of vehicles; we'll work with you to make sure you have the right mix of rental cars and trucks for whatever your drivers' needs may be.

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Government Fleet Vehicles

Fallon Ford-Toyota works with local municipal offices, state-run programs and federal government entities, offering the highest-quality Fleet Vehicles around. Our wide-ranging government fleet vehicle inventory will help your government office, giving the reliability and productivity you need.

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