Finding the Right Used Car in Reno For You

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Today’s used cars buying options in Reno are insane. There are so many different models, years and other options that one must consider when buying a used car. In this blog, we’re going to help you break down the options into three categories. This is a good starting point when looking for a car because you can filter the results to narrow the different options. Today we are going to look at the drivetrain. Drivetrain means if it’s a 4-wheel drive, two-wheel drive, or an all-wheel drive. This is an important thing to look at because each category has benefits and disadvantages. All three options are good options, but we are here to find what will fit you and your needs best.

4-Wheel Drive

Four-Wheel drive cars are known for their capabilities when it comes to rough conditions whether it be snow or dirt. These cars are often better suited for a more adventures person, meaning they want to drive in the snow or drive on dirt to get to a secluded location. These cars often have more room to help bring the supplies that you need. These cars are also good if you have to travel a lot during winter. They will help transport you with ease on snowy roads. The downsides to a four-wheel car are that it is more expensive, not that good of gas mileage and is a more complex vehicle. For this category, we would recommend a used F-150 or a used Tacoma if you live in the Reno Tahoe area. Both of these cars can handle all the rough conditions.

Two-Wheel Drive

Two-wheel drive cars have a lot of advantages if you don’t mind a couple months of snow. Yes, they don’t do all that great in the snow, but they make up for it when the grounds are not icy by providing excellent gas-millage. These are great city cars because they are normally smaller and are easier to drive. The don’t need four-wheel drive because they were made for staying on dry roads. If you have trouble parking two-wheel drive cars are normally smaller meaning its easier to park in any situation. These cars can handle little snowfall by driving slow and careful but are excellent for long drives when the roads are dry. Not to mention two-wheel drive cars are often cheaper because they are not as complex as the other options.

All-Wheel Drives

This car might see the best of both worlds because it combines some of the better features into one car. But depending on the climate and your needs it might not be. If you don’t mind the snow or where you live it doesn’t get much snow a two-wheel drive car might be better but if you want a four-wheel drive car for rough terrain without changing into for hi or low this is a good option. It does get better on gas if you go with a smaller all-wheel drive vehicle compared to a bigger 4-wheel drive car, but they also don’t compare to the MPG that the two-wheel drive cars get. They are also more expensive than a two-wheel drive car.

Overall when it comes down to the final decision, you will need to ask your self these questions. What car makes you feel safe? What car fits your needs best? Finally, what car do you see yourself driving? After asking yourself these questions, the decision should be a lot easier because you’ll have a good idea of what you’re looking for in a car. Our recommendation for the Reno area would be a used Ford or Toyota, both are excellent cars, that are reliable for all the different drivetrain options. Whatever option you decide to go with, we hope it’s the right fit for you!

Holiday Road trip: How to make the most out of trips in your family vehicle

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With Christmas, Hanukah and New Year’s Day all on the horizon, many of us will be loading up the car and heading out-of-state to visit family and friends this December. Before you gas up and go, you may be thinking about what kinds of things to bring to help pass the time in your vehicle. To help you, I made a handy list of must-haves and travel tips to turn your holiday commute into a memorable road trip.

Hydrate early

Keeping your body hydrated means consuming half of your body weigh in water every day. By staying hydrated ahead of time, you can eliminate the need to drink lots during the journey and prevent unnecessary bathroom breaks.

Check out the route

Taking an extra 15 minutes to look at your favorite map app can save headaches in the driver’s seat. If you have an idea of where you are going, it can help you notice when you get to important intersections. Looking ahead can also help alert you to possible weather or traffic related hold-ups and plan accordingly.

Check under the hood

While you are planning ahead, it is always smart to double check the engine before any road trip. Checking the coolant, oil, power steering fluid and brake fluid will help alert you of potential hazards. If anything is low, it is ready to cause problems and it is wise to make sure all your fluids are topped up before a long trip. Since you are putting a lot of stress on the engine during long drives, it is better to be safe with extra coolant than have your engine overheat when you are in the middle of nowhere.

We recommend checking the tire pressure and windshield wiper fluid while you are at it.

Bring snacks

This may not seem important, but food gives us energy and long road trips can be a drain on the mind and body. Having some food to recharge can help keep you alert. Whether it’s hour one or hour thirteen, having snacks is integral to having an enjoyable and fun road trip.

Get comfortable

This one may seem like a no brainer, but if you are planning to spend all day in a car with a few other people, you definitely want to be cozy. Bringing an extra blanket or pillow is always recommended and can help relieve discomfort on your back, neck, head or butt. I always like to wear my favorite stretchy pants and a big sweater, so I can be extra flexible and warm no matter the changing climate outside.

Pick the right vehicle

While all cars are made for the road, not every car is built for road trips. You probably want to avoid cramming five people into a Volkswagen Beetle, or taking a passenger van if it’s just you and the dog. The ideal car has enough space for every passenger to be comfortable and, hopefully, still gets good gas mileage. This is where Fallon Ford-Toyota comes in. We can help you upgrade to a fuel efficient and comfortable used car near Reno, that’s perfect from the long miles ahead.

Some other helpful tips are to keep the kids entertained to make the trip seem a lot shorter. You can read about some fun games here. If you’re looking for a few more tips on picking the right road trip vehicle, take a look at this blog that we recommend. We recommend taking a look at one of our used Fords or Toyotas if you’re in Reno! So that’s it! Be prepared, drive safe and, of course, enjoy the holidays! After all, they only come once a year!

Winterization: Is Your Car Ready for Winter?

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Whether you are new to the area or a native to Reno, getting your car ready for the winter months is essential. While we may not get as much snowfall as, say, Donner Pass, the long months of below freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your engine if you are not careful. If you are planning on buying a used car, this winterizing your vehicle is even more important. It will help prevent engine issues and can extend the life of your used Toyota or Ford. Some tips for winterizing your car include, balancing the mixture of antifreeze and water in your radiator, or switching your oil for something with a lower viscosity. These can help prevent breakdowns in lower temperatures and keep your car running longer. And if you are heading up to the mountains, investing in chains and/or snow tires is necessary for navigating the newly slick terrain that comes with snowfall. While the article below gives a comprehensive list of things to look for inside the engine, here are a few tips for behind the wheel.

Tips for driving in the snow

-Avoid sleepy driving. Winter roads demand a lot of attention and being tired or fatigued can greatly inflate your risk of accident.

-Try to avoid using your parking brake. In cold temperature, it can occasionally freeze up.

-Do not use cruise control on slippery or wet roads.

-Avoid warming up your car in an enclosed area or garage.

-Make sure your tires are properly inflated.

Luckily, driving in Reno and Fallon is considerably easier than on the other side of the Sierras. With less snow on the ground and better quality roadways, there are certainly less dangers to look for. But that does not mean your car is free from the elements. Below freezing temperatures can still hurt your engine and black ice is possible even without snow. It never hurts to take a few extra minutes during your commute and focus on operating your vehicle safely. Especially because AccuWeather predicts another big winter for Tahoe, similar to winter 2016.

While you are thinking of ways to combat the elements, maybe this is the time to consider an upgrade to a 4WD. If you want to maximize your time on the slopes, or simply get out into the wilderness this December, come to Fallon Ford-Toyota and check out our awesome collection of Trucks, SUVs and Crossovers with 4WD options. We have tons of new and certified preowned vehicles for Reno and Sparks including the Ford Explorer, Escape, Edge and F-150! Our used Toyotas such as the Tacoma, 4Runner and Highlander are all great mountain cars and can get you to the slopes in no time! But even buying a new car, it is important to check the engine and make sure your vehicle is ready for winter!

Check out this article for even more ways to winterize your vehicle!


First-Time Drivers: Keep Your Teen Safe with a Used Ford

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Getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage for American teenagers, but it can be a stressful time for parents. When you send your teen off to school by themselves for the first time, you want to be sure they have all the skills they need to be safe on the road. You also want to be positive you’ve chosen a used car suited for Reno streets.

Fallon Ford-Toyota has been selling reliable, durable, and dependable used cars to Reno families for over 60 years. When it comes to the safety of your teen, we know how serious your used car decision must be. Luckily, we are here to lend you our expertise, point you toward the vehicle you and your teen will love, and extend our advice and tips. So, what used car do we suggest for your new driver? Though, there are many wonderful options here at Fallon Ford-Toyota, today we will talk about the best used Ford models!

Buying a used Ford for your teenager is a purchase you can feel certain about. With the right used Ford, not only will you have a sense of security, your teen will be delighted with the look and feel. Whether you’re looking for a truck, SUV, or sedan, our used Ford models have something for everyone. We have chosen the top 3 used Fords to check all the boxes on your list.

Ford Taurus:  A used Ford Taurus is an affordable and attractive choice. When you buy a used Ford Taurus from Fallon Ford-Toyota, your teen will enjoy showing-off their new ride all around Reno, while you get the luxury of peace-of-mind knowing they are safe. Ask us about our excellent deals in-person or online today!

Ford Edge: This midsized SUV is sure to be a hit with your teen. Our used Ford Edge’s are dependable in the snow, good on gas, and have the room to fit their sports gear, musical instruments, and of course, their many friends! Make your new-adult overjoyed with this perfect pick for cruising Reno roads in style.

Ford F-150: This is the country’s most popular pickup truck for good reason! A used Ford F-150 is a solid and safe pick for first-time-drivers in Reno. You’ll never have a problem in severe weather, maintenance is low, and they fair well in car collisions. Plus, what teen doesn’t love a pickup truck? A used Ford F-150 puts your teen on the right track to handle anything Reno roads and an active Northern Nevada life throws their way.

Make the short drive from Reno to Fallon Ford-Toyota today to be matched with the ideal used Ford vehicle for you! You won’t find a dealership more trusted or well-stocked with reliable used cars anywhere in Reno. Come join the Fallon Ford-Toyota family and make us a part of your family’s journey down the road of life.

Preparing for Winter: Used Cars Reno Locals Can Trust

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Fallon Ford-Toyota | New and Used Ford & Toyota Dealership located in Fallon, NV serving the community of Northern Nevada. We offer the best service and prices in the Reno, Sparks, and northern Nevada community for new and used cars like the Toyota Tacoma, Ford F-150, and a full assortment of new and used Ford and Toyota vehicles.

It’s never too early in the year to begin preparing for Reno’s unpredictable winter weather. When you’re in the market for used cars, Reno locals have been trusting Fallon Ford-Toyota with making the right purchase for over 60 years. Our family-owned dealership and dedicated team will take the stress out of choosing between our many used cars. We encourage our neighbors in Reno, Sparks, and Carson City to make the short trip over to Fallon and see what makes us the top-rated Ford and Toyota dealership in the state of Nevada.


If you’re looking for practical used cars in Reno for winter, Fallon Ford-Toyota is here to point you in the right direction. Because our inventory is so well-stocked we can offer our customers used cars Reno dealerships may not, making your trip to Fallon completely worthwhile. Our selection of used Ford and Toyota vehicles are perfectly suited for our winter driving conditions here in Northern Nevada. We can suggest a reliable used Ford Reno drivers know will get them where they need to be even in the iciest conditions. A used Ford F-150 is just one of the many great pick-up trucks that could help make your seasonal driving concerns disappear.


Maybe you’re more interested in one of our Toyota vehicles when addressing you winter weather worries this year. We can happily point you to a dependable truck like our Toyota Tacoma. A used Tacoma Reno drivers can rely on after a heavy snowfall will make the daily commute a breeze. No more getting stuck in deep snow or losing control on the icy roads. No matter the make and model you’re curious about, our team of experts will provide you with all the information necessary for making the right choice and reassure you that used cars are every bit as good as new ones.


As Reno gears-up for the often-dangerous driving conditions that winter brings, visiting your local family-owned dealership is an absolute must. Everyone here at Fallon Ford-Toyota is eager here to lend a friendly hand and ease your mind when purchasing used cars. Even once you leave our lot, our service center is always here to make sure the used cars we sell are always in the best condition possible. So, make that short trip to Fallon and let us make this winter easy, safe, and worriless with used cars Reno dealers can’t compete with.

Why you should buy a used car, Reno!

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When looking for your next vehicle, whether its your first or you’re simply adding to the fleet, there are a lot of factors to consider. Beyond the fun stuff like color, stereo, and sunroof, there are a lot of practical questions that can really help in making the right choice when it comes to buying your next car. By weighing your wants and needs with your budget, the option to go with a used car can often be the most sensible choice to get the right car for the right price.

At Fallon Ford-Toyota we specialize in matching the right car to the right person. You’ll be treated like a real person and not a number. While we serve the Reno / Sparks area, we like to think of ourselves as having the Country Advantage, where we treat our customers with committed, personal service, unlike other ‘Big City’ dealerships. Talking with our knowledgeable staff can be the perfect way to find the right used car for you.

By choosing a used car your budget goes a lot further. The original owners of the vehicle absorb a sizable portion of the depreciation that occurs, allowing you to save a significant amount of money. This saving comes in addition to the lower tax and insurance premiums that come with a used car as well. The Fallon Ford-Toyota team can assist in providing a vehicle history report and discussing the various warranty options available to you. By choosing your next car as a used car from Fallon Ford-Toyota, you’re sure to be rolling off the lot looking and feeling like a million bucks (and saving quite a few bucks while you’re at it!) Take the trip just outside of Reno and see what Fallon Ford-Toyota has to offer.

When you’re ready to get into that next vehicle, you know the right place to find a used car, Reno! Fallon Ford-Toyota has the selection, staff, and service to get you into the right ride with piece of mind and a few dollars to spare.


Searching for that perfect used car, Reno?

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Searching for that perfect used car, Reno?
We’re here to help. Searching for used cars in Reno can bring up all sorts of results from trusted dealerships like Fallon Ford-Toyota to strangers on Craigslist and everything in between. How do you know what is the right deal for you? Should you be even more selective when shopping for a used car as you would a brand-new vehicle? What are the best used cars to buy and what additional information should you consider when selecting a used car in Reno?
Not to worry! We have compiled a list of sure fire tips to help make selecting that new used car or truck a lot less stressful and have you driving off in style after your next used car purchase. Generally, the best place to start is with a style of vehicle in mind that is best suited to your life and the driving you do. A 2 door coupe doesn’t make much sense for a family commute vehicle, just like a mini-van isn’t the best choice for off-road driving conditions or equipment hauling.
Once you’ve narrowed down the best used car style for your needs, the make of the vehicle can play a major factor. Some makes are highly preferred when shopping for a used car or truck because of their reliability, reputation to last, and the availability and cost of maintenance and repairs. Ford and Toyota are two of the most universally recommend makes for used car purchases. They come with reliability, a reputation for lasting performance, and are relatively inexpensive and readily accessible for maintenance.
But which Ford or Toyota is best? Experts agree that there are a few models from each manufacturer that are some of the best used vehicles to purchase. The top used truck for many experts is also the top Ford: the classic F-150. Buying a used Ford F-150 is investing in a rugged vehicle that will last and has very reasonable maintenance and upkeep costs. This is a vehicle that is absolutely built Ford tough! The best Toyota recommend for a used Toyota purchase is the Toyota Tacoma. A used Toyota Tacoma offers the affordable maintenance and repair costs alongside lasting durability and wherewithal.
Now that you’re armed with some of the best information to help make your used car buying decision please come visit us at Fallow Ford-Toyota to get a first-hand experience with these top-of-the-line used cars and trucks. Come by and find that perfect used car, Reno!

Best Tips for a buying a Used Toyota

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 Shopping for your next vehicle can be a confusing and complex process. New vs Used? Truck vs Car? Where do you start and what do you choose? Not to worry! We’ve compiled tips for shoppers looking to have the most informed purchase when selecting their next vehicle.
“Buying a preowned car is more than just a wonderful way to save money,” suggests Consumer Report’s Jon Linkov, “it could get you into a model that has safety and luxury features you couldn’t afford in a new car.” Consumer Reports recently released a report naming 30 categories and the best used cars in each. Toyota was the manufacturer that dominated the list, with 17 vehicles ranking amongst the top 30 used cars to buy.
We’ve compiled a few handy tips to get the most out of that next used Toyota.
Inspection Report. Once you have found the used Toyota you want to buy, ask the seller to show you the actual inspection report for that vehicle. Even though Toyotas are historically reliable cars, the condition and reliability of each used Toyota will depend on that vehicle’s history. Check the vehicle identification number (VIN) and make sure it matches the one on the inspection report.
Test Drive. This one is probably obvious, but a list of tips for buying a used Toyota would not be complete without recommending a test drive! If everything else checks out on a used Toyota, actually driving it is the final step before deciding if you have found the right vehicle or not. If you like how the car looks inside and out, and you are satisfied with the driving experience, then you have found your used Toyota to buy!
Buy an Extended Warranty. Once you’ve bought your used Toyota, be sure to research your options for a used car warranty. An extended auto warranty can often pay for itself in just one auto repair bill and will give you the assurance that your used Toyota will be taken care of if a mechanical breakdown happens.
Fallon Ford-Toyota is a New and Used Ford & Toyota Dealership located in Fallon, NV serving the community of Northern Nevada. We offer the best service and prices in the Reno, Sparks, and Northern Nevada community for new and used cars like the Toyota Tacoma, Ford F-150, and a full assortment of new and used Ford and Toyota vehicles.

Are you hearing squeaking in your brakes?

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Are you hearing squeaking in your brakes?  Feeling a slight vibration in your steering wheel?  Or maybe more strangely, a very distinct smell while having to press down on the brake pedal farther?  These are all indications your brakes need immediate attention!

Don’t let these warning signs get put to the side in your mind. Maintaining your vehicle’s brakes in tip-top working condition is critical to your safety – as well as your car’s reliability. Simply waiting until there’s a problem can often result in expensive and extensive repairs.


Just like your body, your car’s brakes are made of several separate components, and just like your body, they need to be checked routinely to make sure everything is running effortlessly.

An annual checkup will help spot small issues and keep them from becoming bigger and more prominent.

Getting your brakes checked and serviced is one of the most important things you can do that go along with your maintenance schedule that is located in your owner’s manual. Don’t wait until there’s a problem.


Call us today so you can set up an appointment at Fallon Ford Toyota!


Cosmetic Damage? We can help.

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In a second, your perfect vehicle exterior can experience cosmetic damage from a number of sources. Severe weather, debris from the road, or a stray shopping cart easily cause dents, cracks, and scratches. No matter how careful you are with your car of truck, it is bound to face at least some minor damage during its lifespan.

Here at Fallon Ford-Toyota, our service experts are pros at helping fix common cosmetic damage on your vehicle. Whether a tree branch fell on your car, hail cracked your windshield, or a mystery scratch has appeared on your door, we’re here to make your vehicle look as good as new.

Let our service team come to the rescue!

In addition to our exceptional customer service, we provide complimentary services to enjoy while waiting to have your vehicle restored. Take advantage of our free Wi-Fi, coffee and water, and watch our TV. We’re also happy to offer flexible hours (including Saturdays) to best accommodate your schedule.

When you are ready to schedule Toyota service to repair cosmetic damage on your vehicle, we’re here to make the repair as soon as possible. You can either schedule your service appointment by visiting the “Service” page on our website, or by calling our service department directly at (844) 339-7046.

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